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Immersive Arctic Experiences in Lapland
Glass-roofed Resorts Under The Aurora Borealis

"At midnight, a white arctic fox dashes up the fells, trailing its tail through the snow shooting flickers into the sky. The aurora borealis burst into flame over Lapland. Only the glass roof separates you and your warm bed from the cold, flaming sky."

Accommodation at Northern Lights Village, Finland

Arctic Wonderland Experience

Saariselkä Resort

Accommodation at Northern Lights Village, Finland

Thrilling Wintry Adventures

Levi Resort

"Did you know, that the Northern Lights were thought to possess great magical power and this is why the ancient Sámi shamanic drums have dedicated patterns for controlling the flames of the sky? It is not hard to see why they believed that when you are in the quiet, arctic wilderness, the night sky lights up."



Northern Lights, Finland
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