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Our Origins


The Northern Lights Village provides a unique opportunity to experience the magnificence of the Northern Lights and the wild nature of Lapland at close range, without sacrificing comfort.

Northern Lights Village was born in 2016, in association of CEO Markku Inkilä and his wife, Susanna Inkilä. They've been running the resort with incredible success over the past few years, having recently been acknowledged as 'Achievers' by the prestigious commerce-oriented Finnish publication 'Kauppalehti'.

Markku is a highly experienced programme organiser and a passionate Northern Lights photographer. His photos have been published in the Sunday Times, the Telegraph, and on hundreds of websites around the world. Susanna is in charge of Sales & Marketing, whilst also being the creative planner behind the resort's decoration. The Northern Lights Village has gone from strength to strengh in numerous aspects and will be launching a second resort in Levi, in 2019.

People behind Northern Lights Village have organised atmospheric nature activities and aurora expeditions for more than 20 years. Their specialty is the hunting and photographing of the Northern Lights. All guides are experienced photographers who can help guests take the best possible photos of the Northern Lights.





Our Values


Personalised, warm and consistently exceptional service - We keep your choice in staying with us in very high regard and are committed to exceeding the expectations you have set for us.

Integrity, respect and embracing differences - We value each individual’s insight and see this as key for a sustained collective growth of our company. Our employees take centre stage as our most valuable resource.

Energy is generated sustainably with geothermal heat pumps which take advantage of moderate temperatures in the ground to efficiently generate heat in the winter and sink heat in the summer.

We appreciate the resources nature offers us and we treat our animals and environment with the utmost respect.



Services Overview



Glass-roofed Aurora Cabins



Buffet Restaurant


Recreation facilities

Sauna, Ice Pool and Hot Tub (Ice Pool & Hot Tub in Saariselkä Only)

Kids’ Snowmobile track (In Saariselkä Only)

Mini Toboggan run

Reindeer Paddock (In Saariselkä Only)

Ice Karting track (In Saariselkä Only)


Equipment rental (subject to availability)

Cross-country skis


Thermal clothing always included for guests throughout their stay and for people participating in activities, at no extra cost


Airport and nearby Transportation

From and back to the airport

Nearby transportation in Saariselkä and Levi


Aurora Hunting and Arctic Activities

For everyone, both guests staying overnight and people staying in nearby resorts or just passing by

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